We are proud to declare more than 5 000 successful own software implementations and to serve more than 12 000 users.

This is a highest award proving excellent quality of software in the area of specialization.

We have also arranged additional help-line for our users in order to provide them with consultations or any questions which might arise concerning our program products.


Graphic information system of the CIS and Baltic countries railways transport network.

Quick and accurate tariff calculation, route planning and map navigation – these functions were met with great interest by all participants of the transportation process.

Nowadays it is hard to imagine daily logistic operations without graphic information system TMkarta.

TMSoft ltd was the pioneer in automation of railway transportation calculations in Ukraine and CIS-countries, having approached this process in a radically new way.


  • displaying of the freight trains' route;
  • calculation of the payment for transportation;
  • integration with other IT-applications.

The main features

  • convenient graphic interface;
  • showing of the full CIS and Baltic States transportation railroad network;
  • clearness and speed of calculations;
  • possibility to create the list of individual discounts and coefficients;
  • continual and in time software support;
  • user informational support;
  • reasonable and stable price policy;
  • modern development facilities.

More than 2 000 users in Ukraine, Europe, CIS and Baltic States.


TMCalc – a communication module that allows the participants of the transportation process to use the functions of “TMkarta” in their own information systems and promptly update the information on routes, distances tariff and tariff rates applied in their standard transportations.

It is possible to make calculations for a specific date, which allows planning the transportation, as well as the possibility to recheck the tariff charged.


The railway information system, designed to provide a wide range of users with timely and reliable information on the regulatory framework of rail transportation, freight forwarding and transport business as a whole

Users of www.railsystem.info have access to such services

  • On-line calculation of railway tariff;
  • Off-line calculation of railway tariff;
  • news subscription;
  • request for access to the archive of legislative documents.

You can find the following information on the pages of the portal:

  • telegrams, showing changes and additions to the tariffs for railroad freight activities;
  • telegrams with new coefficients to the active tariffs;
  • changes in the transport network of CIS and Baltic States;
  • tariff policies of CIS and Baltic States from 2001 to 2016 charter years;
  • international railway transit tariff (ITT);
  • uniform traffic rates to the Declaration of international railway freight communication (UTT);
  • tariff manual НР 1 for calculation of transportations within the country and export-import operations in CIS and Baltic States;
  • tariff manual НР 4 for definition of tariff distances for transportation in CIS and Baltic States. It contains lists of railway stations in alphabetical order with noticed running there commercial operations, it also contains matrixes of tariff distances in countries etc.;
  • legislative acts and other documents connected with railways;
  • up-to-date railway news;
  • archive of telegrams and news.

Expeditorcomplex automated system for management of forwarding enterprises, with railroad freight activity specialization.

It describes industrial process base components of forwarding enterprise:

  • creation of contract for freight transporting;
  • organization of transporting works;
  • account of settlings with clients and partners, operative-technical account.

System implementation furthers:

  • enterprise production efficiency increase;
  • reduction of the labor resources for transportation works and financial accounting;
  • work quality and effectiveness increasing.

Complex system for automation of the large and medium-sized enterprisesMAGISTRtm has a modular structure and implements all functions of management accounting.

It consists of the following modules:

  • HR department;
  • Salary accounting;
  • Document management;
  • Bookkeeping and tax accounting;
  • Accounting of fixed assets and intangibles;
  • Management of freight forwarding company (later allotted to the autonomous system «Expeditor»);
  • Management of the enterprise, which specializes on pipeline transportation;
  • Management of sales and procurement.

MAGISTRtm – is a single information space, access to which can be done from a variety of tasks and subsystems. Thus, information once entered to the system becomes available for other subsystems.

A large number of reference data makes it easier to enter and organize information. Carefully designed settings and technological chains make it possible to store and process the information entered and to ensure database integrity.

The system supports data replication mode, in case of automation of the enterprise branch offices or network of legally independent companies.

Modern and visual system interface combines visual graphical applications with a convenient way to enter and process large amounts of information. Most forms are visualized as close as possible to the printed document.

Coordination module server

Coordination module server is a software, which enables companies (participants of the transportation process) to use functions of interaction with automated systems of Ukrainian Railways using their own software, with the help of Automated system «Client of Ukrainian Railways».

Users are able to generate electronic transportation documents and electronic data using their own information system with their subsequent transfer to the Automated system «Client of Ukrainian Railways», as well as to synchronize them after processing in the automated systems of the Ukrainian Railways. Furthermore, it allows to get data from the forms ГУ-45/ГУ-46, ФДУ-92 for subsequent approval.

Key functions of Coordination module server

  • format and logical control of electronic data generated in the customer information systems;
  • imposition and verification of electronic digital signature;
  • transfer of electronic transportation documents or electronic data of paper transportation documents into the automated system of railways;
  • • obtaining information about each stage of the electronic transportation documents processing or obtaining electronic data of paper transportation documents from the automated systems of railways.

Starting from 2011, large enterprises and industrial holdings with own IT-infrastructure, ERP systems SAP, 1C etc., use Coordination module server for the interaction with automated systems of Ukrainian Railways

AWP of Cargo Consignor

Universal software system for the organization of electronic document flow between the participants of the transportation process.

Automated workplace of Cargo Consignor is a desktop application that allows you to, locally store and process all the railway transportation documentation obtain additional information for the planning and organization of transportation process, as well as generate references, lists and reports after the transportation accomplishment.

Automated workplace of Cargo Consignor enables optimization of key operations with electronic documents (consignment note, ф.ГУ-27, ф.ФДУ-92,ф.ГУ-45/ ГУ-46/ ГУ-46а):

  • Creation and processing of electronic documents and data
  • View all process conditions in the same window
  • Quick fill modes
  • Templates, copying

Supporting information for the organization of cargo transportation

  • Transportation Planning list – the list of plans and applications for transportation with the possibility to form the waybill
  • Convention prohibitions and restrictions list – list of temporary transportation restrictions
  • List of urgent return of wagons regimes – list of existing and declared regimes on urgent return of wagons
  • Request on technical characteristics of the wagon during the work with documents
  • TechPD lists, operational balance, etc.
For Ukrainian Railways

A detailed study of the regulatory framework of rail transport, the implementation of tariff calculation automation, and increased popularity of TMkarta among the employees of the Ukrainian Railways were the key factors to start successful long-term cooperation with different divisions and departments of Ukrainian Railways.

In 2001 we took part in the development of the new freight transportation management automation system - Automated system for freight transportation management in railway transport of Ukraine («АСК ВП УЗ»).

The list of our software developments for Ukrainian Railways includes – automated workplaces (AWP) of the employees of freight railway stations, processing and logistic centers, commercial management specialists of Ukrainian Railways. Automated systems developed for the interaction with automated workplaces, enable the support of data processing technological cycles with reference information and logical controls.

Improvement of technology and the legal framework, as well as complex automation of technological processes in freight railway stations, created the preconditions for the introduction of electronic document management, first in the internal applications, and then in cooperation with the client.

As part of the transition to paperless technology and the introduction of electronic document management in the commercial sector, our specialists developed:

  • Archive of electronic documents («ПАК АЭДО»)
  • Digital signature module (as a part of automated workplaces)
  • Technology of digital signature application
  • Automated system «Client of Ukrainian Railways» – tool for electronic interaction between the Railways and its customers

For the purposes of Ukrainian transport and logistics center («УТЛЦ»), namely the remote, "single window" provision of a full range of services on the organization of transportation process, we developed the integrated enterprise management automation technology, and adapted the existing developments: automated system Magistr, automated system Expeditor, automated system Client-ЦТЛ and created a contact center – platform with a CRM system.

Automated workplace of cashier on freight railway station («АРМ ТВК»)

Automated workplace of cashier on freight railway station provides the full technological cycle of creation and processing of electronic shipping documents in domestic and international transportation, as well as the quick settlement of accounts with the client. It is widely used in freight railway stations.
Quantity of installed workplaces – more than 4 100.

Cargo and commercial work server

Cargo and commercial work server ensures the implementation of the calculations and logic controls, the interaction with AWPs of freight railway stations and processing centers of Ukrainian Railways.

AWP of Commodity Recipient

Automated workplace of commodity recipient provides the full technological cycle of processing operations and financial calculations (PG-45, PG-46) for supplying and return of wagons on station access tracks, stretches, station general and common areas and shunting work. Operated by freight train stations.
The number of installed workplaces - more than 4 300.

AWP of freight cashier on the border transfer stations

Automated workplace of freight cashier on border transfer stations enables the processing of shipping documents for import, export and transit of goods, automatic backup and withdrawal of funds from the forwarders. It is used on the border transfer railway stations.
Quantity of installed workplaces – more than 300.

AWP of the Declarant

Automated workplace of the declarant at the input of boundary transfer station provides the preparation of data for further interaction with the automated systems of customs, processing of information on the completion of customs operations with further dispatch. It is widely used in boundary transfer railway stations.
Quantity of installed workplaces – more than 230.

AWP of the employee of technological center for processing of transportation documents («АРМ ТехПД»)

Automated workplace of the employee of technological center for processing of transportation documents. It allows control over the validity of documents using internal messaging, and gives the possibility of document correction. It includes processing of payment orders; adjustment payments on the documents of past periods (based on claims work); processing of transportation documents for military transportation.
Quantity of workplaces installed – more than 280.

AWP of technology center employee

Automated workplace of employee of technology center for processing of international transportation documents. Ensures control over the validity of the documents and, where appropriate, enables corrective action in the final calculations with clients. Operated in GIVC Ukrainian Railways (Chief information and computing center of Ukrainian Railways). Target users – employees of technology center for processing of international transportation documents.

Subsystem for regulatory and reference information («ПСВ НСИ»)

Subsystem for regulatory and reference information, which ensures the maintenance of all the qualifiers, codifiers and handbooks used in automated systems and automated workplaces of Ukrainian Railways.

Automated system of certification, operation and work control of railway station access tracks

The automated system provides technological data maintenance concerning the certificates of all station access tracks in all directions to all the stations, accounting and management of operation agreements, on supplying and return of wagons, written permissions to work on the station access tracks, maintenance, accounting and control of the processing capacity on loading and unloading. It provides data for AWP of Commodity Recipient

Automated system of Convention prohibitions and restrictions («АРМ КЗО»)

Provides accounting, viewing and printing of telegrams on a Convention prohibitions and restrictions relating the respective station: accounting, viewing and printing of information on regimes of urgent return of wagons to the railway-possessive.
It is widely used at freight railway stations.
Quantity of installed workplaces – more than 4000.

Automated system «Client of Ukrainian Railways»

Automated system that includes:

  • User web interface - allows creation and processing of electronic transportation documents (creation, cancellation, verification with digital signature, forwarding to automated systems of Ukrainian Railways) in accordance with the rules of transportation. Users – consignors and consignees in Ukraine.
  • Server of Automated system “Client of Ukrainian Railways” - single point of entry into the secured Automated system of Ukrainian Railways, which allows interoperability with other functions of electronic document flow and information systems.

Preliminary informing of customs authorities of the Customs Union countries

Automated system for creation, registration and exchange of information with the customs authorities of the participating countries of the Customs Union to provide preliminary information on the movement of goods across the customs border (which became obligatory starting from the 1st of October 2014). Used by the Ukrainian transport and logistics center.

System functions are also used in the tools of electronic document management: Automated system «Client of Ukrainian Railways», Coordination module server, AWP of Cargo Consignor. It is possible to add the necessary information to electronic transportation documents.

Automated system on empty wagon transportation management (“АС УППВ”)

This system was designed to automate the organization of transportation of own empty wagons owned by Ukrainian Railways and their further allocation. It also includes functions, which enable to determine the best routes for the transfer of empty wagons to match the applications of shippers and allows to automatically create electronic transportation documents to support the empty wagons transportation process.


Idea of the system is to combine the efforts of public and private partnerships for the creation and implementation of supply chain management system and the interaction between the participants in the single information space.

A.S.T.R.UM – is the integration of all participants in the supply chain within the common framework, which is designed to implement the full market cycle (prior arrangement, transportation, storage, insurance, etc.) and to provide IT event management services.

Participant gets an opportunity to obtain needed information while applying for logistic service. With the tool "Market" it is possible to choose the best option for the selected criteria of the supply chain, such as time, money, quality and so on. Forecasting and monitoring of supply chain events, with user notification on deviations in the planned course of events. Generating event-based and data-based documentation.

Currently the system is in the stage of design and development.