FRED – Information server for freight transportation in railway transport:

  • information about products, stations, distances, wagons, etc;
  • information about standards and tariffs, etc;
  • search for routes and transport tariffs for the formation of the proposal;
  • technical parameters of railway infrastructure and cost of using it;
  • using of railway data in its information system.

  • Multilingual web application;
  • Customizability: users can choose from more than 100 modules according to their needs;
  • Update: all information constantly updated.

The software, FRED, Russian version, containing modules:

  • Course list;
  • OPTIM (provides the search of the cheapest possible charging freight transportation on a railway);
  • International Distance Tables DIUM (distances DIUM; arbitrary international route DIUM; shortest international route DIUM);
  • Freight list ГНГ/NHM;
  • Freight list ЕТСНГ;
  • Dangerous Goods list RID;
  • Line categories (instruction LOCA);
  • Information about international stations DIUM;
  • Information about border stations ENEE;
  • Domestic distance tables of the Republika Srpska (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Kosovo, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia, Sweden, Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, France;
  • Function of detailed display of the transportation route on the map.

  • Calculation of the cost of transport and additional fees for the tariff RU;
  • Creating own contractual transport tariff;
  • Calculation sheet for a proposal development;
  • Optimization function: OPTIM module to search for the cheapest transportation route;

It is an electronic geographically accurate highly detailed map of Europe, on which are indicated:

  • European railway network;
  • Freight railway stations, container terminals of all European countries;
  • Geographical information: roads, terrain, forests, parks, ponds, settlements with details to the streets, industrial zones, borders of countries and regions;
  • Map for a railroad specialist - interconnection of a high-quality cartographic base and specialized railway information;
  • Display of transport routes from information and price modules FRED;
  • Search function (stations, border crossing stations, intermodal terminals; the function "find and display the nearest ...");
  • Filling, printing, importing and exporting transport documents.

  • Transport tariffs - text version in the original language;
  • Selected laws and directives - text version (COTIF, AVV, RID, etc.)
  • Software components (DLL, COM server); railway infrastructure data layer, railway infrastructure network diagram - implementation of data from FRED into another IS;
  • Web Services — Providing data from FRED to other ISs using a web interface.

FRED Software Product

Prices for programs and updates for users - 650 EUR (1 registered user with the right to use for 12 months).


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