Официальный сайт компании ТМСофт. Разработка программного обеспечения - расчeт жд тарифа на грузовые перевозки по странам СНГ, Балтии и Европы. Базовый продукт - программа ТМкарта.русская версия  украинская версия  english version 
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CIS and Europe;
calculation of railway tarif;
displaying of the route;
transportation documents
European Rail Information Centre
Prepare transportation documents
Management system
of the forwarding enterprise
Automation system of       
large and medium
Railway informational            
is certified

ISO 9001:2000

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Страница выпускников Днепропетровского института инженеров железнодорожного транспорта им. Лазаряна (ДИИТ)


ТМkаrtаTM -  graphical informational system for calculation and representation of freight train routes, transportation payment calculation, executing documents for railroad freight activity in Ukraine, CIS and Baltic States.

ERIC -  European Rail Information Centre

ExpeditorTM -  complex automated system for management of forwarding enterprises specialized on railroad freight activity.

MAGISTRTM -  system of enterprises all-round automating.

AWP of the cargo consignor   -  new software product. With its help clients can do transportation paper work, receive electronic copies of the transportation documents and give the trade office electronic document with all information given by the client.

TMReportsTM -  specially developed application for users to make reports quickly and without assistance.

Railway information system   -  Internet-portal for wide range of users to get authentic information about railways, transport business on the whole and forwarding activities.

СУРМ - Система Управления Рабочими Местами -  специализированное общесистемное программное обеспечение «Система Управления Рабочими Местами – СУРМ». Основное назначение СУРМ - обеспечить управление общесистемными функциями разработчиков программного обеспечения автоматизированных рабочих мест.

Multifunctional navigating simulator «LEATER Navy» includes an automated monitored by an instructor training practical abilities in an estimation of the simulated visual and radar-tracking information about external surface environment, maintenance of radio control, navigation and ship technical means placed on a flybridge of a vessel.

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