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CIS and Europe;
calculation of railway tarif;
displaying of the route;
transportation documents
European Rail Information Centre
Prepare transportation documents
Management system
of the forwarding enterprise
Automation system of       
large and medium
Railway informational            
is certified

ISO 9001:2000

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Страница выпускников Днепропетровского института инженеров железнодорожного транспорта им. Лазаряна (ДИИТ)


    Professional programmers and experienced designers will help you to solve the most complicated tasks in the quickest and most qualitative way. We consider customer’s requirements and wishes, consult the questions of security and operative information input of the web-sites.

A web-site provides you:

  • Easy to access information about you, your production and services;
  • Effective advertisement of you production or services;
  • Operative informing about price changing on your production or services;
  • Possibility to create an integral informational-administrative system without geographical, linguistic or geopolitical limits and barriers;
  • Possibility to keep and work-up information in the specialized data bases and administrate access to them.

Creation of the web-site

    Modern web-site has a complicated structure. It must combine strict security system and remain being easy to access. Solving of the task requires step-by-step developing.

    Creating of a high-qualitative, convenient and easy to access web-site requires thought-out planning and exact following of the fixed development schedule.

    Створення якісного, зручного і простого в обслуговуванні web-сайта вимагає ретельного планування і подальшого чіткого дотримання графіка розробок, що встановлений.

    We define such stages in web-site development:

  • projecting;
  • designing;
  • optimization (special processing of graphic and HTML code for quick and qualitative representation to users);
  • programming;
  • content filling;
  • publication;
  • support;
  • advertisisng.


    On this stage experienced managers and marketologist will help you to:

  • define the purpose of creating the site and make a marketing research;
  • work up or optimize the existing web-site conception;
  • design the logo of the company, define common style for presentation of the information.


    Only professional designers work in our department. Great creative abilities and professional knowledge of modern visualization graphic help to pass through many limits and barriers, existing in the Internet.

    We provide qualitative and professional design that will represent your company in the most effective way.


    There are some requirements for developing and operating web-sites. Different connection speed, hardware and software platforms, “capricious” Internet-browsers, inexperienced users – these are the factors that must be considered. Successful solving of those and many other problems makes the products of our enterprise leaders of Internet-industry in Ukraine.

Programming and content filling

    The interactive part of the web-site of any difficulty is developed qualitatively and in time on the base of content management system developed by our programmers. It includes:

  • creating the structure of the site and filling the pages with textual and graphical elements, which are possible to be changed by the customer using a special web-interface;
  • multilingual support, allowing the web-site to work in the chosen languages;
  • multifunctional system of registration the users, access restriction to the resources, creating the personal profile;
  • setting up the modules: news, guest book, forum, interactive poll, mailing list etc.


  • choice of the domain name, if it’s needed;
  • registration in the chosen domain zone;
  • hosting and web-site support;
  • deployment of the web-site on the private host according to the customer wish;
  • migration of the existing web-site to another host.


  • providing twenty-four-hour efficiency of the web-site. But only for the projects located on TMSoft Ltd host and developed by our specialists;
  • testing all functions of the site;
  • reserve data copying;
  • elimination of the supernumerary situations consequences.

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