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CIS and Europe;
calculation of railway tarif;
displaying of the route;
transportation documents
European Rail Information Centre
Prepare transportation documents
Management system
of the forwarding enterprise
Automation system of       
large and medium
Railway informational            
is certified

ISO 9001:2000

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Страница выпускников Днепропетровского института инженеров железнодорожного транспорта им. Лазаряна (ДИИТ)


    TMReportsтм is purposed for quick creating of reports, various documents necessary for operative work and printing blanks of various accountings.

    Functional capabilities:

  • management of the representation of information, illustrations and other report componentry using the report Designer friendly interface;
  • powerful macrolanguage for object management, additional calculations, real time SQL-requests to the host;
  • common management of the document (opening, saving, editing, element focusing, scaling of the representation);
  • printer set up functions and management of the document printing;
  • managing the parameters of logical and physical pages;
  • effective work with data files;
  • processing of the information in tables.

    For more flexible managing of the program there is a mechanism of feedback with the client-application, developed on the base of connection points technology.

    Possibility of value editing and saving of the corrected data is available too.

    The developers, system administrator or users with a special access can create more complicated reports that need knowledge of data base tables structure.

    TMReportsтм can work in several modes:

  • as an independent application;
  • as an automation server;
  • as an ActiveX document server.

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