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CIS and Europe;
calculation of railway tarif;
displaying of the route;
transportation documents
European Rail Information Centre
Prepare transportation documents
Management system
of the forwarding enterprise
Automation system of       
large and medium
Railway informational            
is certified

ISO 9001:2000

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TMkarta system

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  • displaying of the freight trains' route;
  • calculation of the payment for transportation;
  • execution of the transportation documents;
  • keeping and showing the information from the archive of tracking the wagons.


     The main features:

  • convenient graphic interface;
  • showing of the full CIS and Baltic States transportation railroad network;
  • clearness and quickness of calculations;
  • execution of the transportation documents ;
  • continual and in time software support;
  • user informational support ;
  • reasonable and stable price policy;
  • possibility for making the base of individual discounts and coefficients;
  • modern development facilities.

     Achievements :

  • more than 1500 successful deployments in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic;
  • more than 60 deployments in the CIS railroad network on the freight stations.

     Guarantee of the information authenticity:

  • agreements of information service with , .

Updates | Archive | Mail list | Screenshots | Demonstration | Prices | FAQ | Documentation