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CIS and Europe;
calculation of railway tarif;
displaying of the route;
transportation documents
European Rail Information Centre
Prepare transportation documents
Management system
of the forwarding enterprise
Automation system of       
large and medium
Railway informational            
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ISO 9001:2000

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MAGISTR system

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Combined system for automating of large and medium enterprises

    Common information

    First of all enterprise management is management of information and documents stream. The large the enterprise is the more expensive costs the management, which is though ineffective. Without advanced informational system gigantic informational stream falls upon the enterprise administration living them no time for company strategy planning.

     Nowadays several large companies are automated. Their specialization is pipeline transportation and railroad freight activities.

     The base of MAGISTRTM is a thought-out core, advanced mechanism that adapts the system to customer requirements.


    MAGISTRTM - is an integral informational space accessible from different subsystems, so the information once been input becomes widely available.

    A great deal of normative-reference information provides much more easier data inputting and systematizing. Thought-out parameters and technological chains make possible to save and process given information, provide data base integrity.

    The system supports data replicating mode if the automated enterprises are a network of legally independent enterprises or they are branch companies.

     Modern graphic system interface combines visual tools and special applied mode for inputting and processing of large information contents. Many of the forms are visually like printed basic documents.

    MAGISTRTM system is an open product. We use standard development facilities. One of the main partnership condition is software support, staff training, SIF TMsoft Ltd consulting and technical support.

    Our system realizes all functions of management accounts. It has modular construction and consists of such subsystems-modules:

  • personnel department;
  • salary accounting;
  • document circulation;
  • business and tax accounting;
  • fixed and intangible assets accounting;
  • forwarding enterprises management (was transformed to autonomous system ExpeditorTM)
  • pipeline transportation enterprises management;
  • selling and buying management.

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