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Multifunctional navigating simulator "LEATER Navy"

    Multifunctional navigating simulator "LEATER Navy" made by company "LEATER" allows to conduct training of navigators and pilots on such directions:

  • Steering and maneuvering a vessel;
  • Organization of navigation watch;
  • Radar-tracking observation and layout;
  • Application of SARP;
  • Use of electronic cartography;
  • Realization of rescue operations.

    Applicability of the multifunctional navigating simulator is automated monitored by an instructor training practical abilities in an estimation of the simulated visual and radar-tracking information about external surface environment, maintenance of radio control, navigation and ship technical means placed on a flybridge of a vessel.

    This simulator doesn't have competitors in price, quality and functionality in the world.

    The multifunctional navigation simulator "LEATER Navy" consists of a work place of the instructor and work places trained for any functional configuration from the following modules, and separately functional simulators..

  • Module of mathematical modeling of ships motion:
    The mathematical model is founded on the vector-differential method of ships motion modeling, which considers more than 50 dynamically changeable parameters of environment (roughness of sea, current, wind, depth, influence of channels, barriers, etc.) and ship (hulls geometry, mass, model and quantity of engines, lead screws, steering mechanisms features). Thus, there was achieved a possibility to create a six dimensions ships motion model realistic at 86%.

  • Software of instructors post:
    Owing to the software, instructor allowed to create and change training program, its conditions and parameters, trace the fulfillment of tasks by students and bring in errors in the training system. Instructors software safes motion of fulfillment of task to reproduce and analyze it.

  • Visualization module:
    The visualization module represents a surface situation task needs. It can imitate daily and nightly surface situation, fog, rain, navigation lights and ships signs. For this module there were modeled more than 10 different areas for training voyages including Sevastopols ports, Kerchs port, Dardanelles strait, etc.

  • Simulator LEATER-navy:
    The LEATER-navy includes a steer complex imitator with possibility to use autopilot. Simulator engine and maneuvering propulsion device, indicator of variable-pitch propeller. Control navigation light, sound signal. Emergency indicator. Navigation means allows to work with GPS/DGPS systems, Loran C, magnetic and gyro compass, log and depth-sounder.

  • Simulator ARPA:
    It realizes functions of imitation ARPA for training captains, commanders, etc. the features of working on the next courses: radiolocation supervision layout, automatic radiolocation layout means, accomplishment tasks ARPA.

  • Simulator of electronic chart navigation-informational system (ECDIS):
    The training system ECDIS provides the imitation of functions ECDIS for teaching the features of working on the electronic chart course.

  • Simulator GMDSS:
    The training system provides the imitation of work of the equipment, included in the GMDSS according to the IMO resolution and provides training for operators.




If you have any additional questions about this product please apply for information to the "LEATER NAVIGATINON":

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P.O. Box 41, Kyiv, 03150 UKRAINE
Tel: (+38 044) 247-44-44
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