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CIS and Europe;
calculation of railway tarif;
displaying of the route;
transportation documents
European Rail Information Centre
Prepare transportation documents
Management system
of the forwarding enterprise
Automation system of       
large and medium
Railway informational            
is certified

ISO 9001:2000

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About Us

    TMSoft Ltd was founded in 1997. It specializes on software development and its further deployment and support.

    We have a membership of 45.

    The core of the development group consists of young highly skilled programmers and specialists of all necessary technologies, many of which are certificated by ORACLE and Microsoft.

    TMSoft software is purposed for all-round automation of large and medium companies.

    Nowadays the main courses of the enterprise activities are:

    The company commercial activity results and its authority in developing software for freight railway transport prove the correctness of the chosen strategy. Understanding of the customers motivation, individual approach, unique technologies and high professionalism make the base of TMSoft Ltd projects.

    Serious systematical approach is proved by the enterprise abilities in hardware-software installation:

  • selection of the optimal configuration for hardware devices;
  • assembling and debugging of the web infrastructure;
  • network integration;
  • customers software and technical support.

    TMSoft Ltd was one of the first in Ukraine and CIS who concentrated its efforts on a fundamentally new approach in automation of railway transportation calculations.

    Before market entry our products are tested for a long time. A supporting hot line was organized for users consultating.

    TMSoft Ltd boasts more than 1500 successful deployments of its software. It just proves the high quality of our products.

    Both commercial enterprises and state structures are interested in our software.

    The dynamics of developments, great experience, recommendations of our clients and partners helped us to step from developing and realizing of so-called box software to carrying out of complicated projects in the sphere of large and medium enterprises all-round automation. Each deployment of the complex automation system is considered as an individual project, strictly attached to the conditions and tasks of the customer.

    TMSoft Ltd is a Ukrainian enterprise, all property and trademark rights belong to the residents of Ukraine.